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Keeping pace with the change – SAP Analytics Cloud

Sindhu Prasanthi
August 19, 2020

“Information is the fuel of the 21st century, and data analytics the combustion engine.”

-Peter Sondergaard, Vice President of Gartner

According to Forbes, 2.5 quintillion bytes( One billion GigaBytes) of data is generated each day!

This was in the year 2018, but in today’s scenario, it will be even more than it was. In this age of analytics, business organizations can create a competitive advantage by effectively storing, managing & analyzing the data.

Data Analytics is evolving at a rapid phase. The current forms of Data Analytics include:

Type of Data Analytics

Types of Data Analytics


We have big data for many years! But the Challenge for organizations was the ability to store, process and analyze that data. The introduction of cloud computing has addressed most of these challenges.

Cloud computing is one of the keystone technologies that enable the storage and analysis of big data. It offers companies the ability to leverage artificial intelligence and machine learning technology.

In this context, let’s understand more about one of the new age Cloud platforms for Planning and Analytics, SAP Analytics Cloud.

What is SAP Analytics Cloud?

SAP Analytics Cloud is a software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offering, which aids organizations in becoming an intelligent enterprise.

It combines business intelligence, collaborative enterprise planning with predictive and augmented analytics.

Key Benefits of SAP Analytics Cloud

Key Benefits of SAP Analytics Cloud

Key Benefits of SAP Analytics Cloud

Data Source Integration

One of the key features of SAC is data source integration. It provides live-data connections to

  • All SAP Cloud Applications like SuccessFactors, Ariba to name a few
  • Enterprise applications like SAP ECC, SAP HANA, SAP BW System
  • Many other On-premise SAP Applications
  • And all non-SAP On-premise and cloud applications.

Data Visualisation

SAC functions as a dynamic self-service tool for creating meaningful visuals. The users can create stories with a wide range of widgets ranging from geo maps, histograms, charts to R Visualisations.


SAC’s collaboration features such as roles, teams, annotations, threads, mobile capability and calendars are incredibly intuitive. They have made SAC become an excellent tool for transparent collaboration in the area of cloud BI.

Digital Boardroom

SAP Digital Boardroom is a prevalent real-time presentation tool to present cutting-edge data visualizations to executives. The executives are enabled to find insights and address ad hoc questions. Learn More.


SAC offers single sign-on security, and it is inherited from SAP roles. The Admin users can create role-based access to share models and stories with respective business users or teams.

Predictive Business Intelligence & Planning

Predictive Business Intelligence in SAC applies machine learning tools to perform Smart Predict, Smart Insights and Smart Discovery. These features provide users deep insights into strategic decision making.

Among many of these key purposes it serves, SAP Analytics Cloud can be a go-to tool for Enterprise planning.  Predictive planning capabilities, Value Driver Trees and Planning Models in SAP Analytics Cloud can help organizations plan better and smarter.

For instance, the SAP Analytics Cloud planning model allows users to create versions of model data that are handy for budget/forecast scenarios. “Value Driver Trees” in SAC run simulations to show the impact of one area of business on others.

SAC, no doubt, is an excellent tool for Planning. However, a lot of its effectiveness depends upon the Organisation’s ability to capitalize it fully.

How about a platform that enables organizations to harness all the capabilities of SAC for Planning?

JustPerform precisely does that. It helps organizations to leverage the full power of SAC in Enterprise Planning.

Before going further, let us understand,

What is JustPerform?

JustPerform is a cloud-based platform that simplifies Definition, Design & Deployment of all the EPM Processes. It is designed for SAP Analytics Cloud for Planning, SAP Business Planning and Consolidation (BPC) & S/4 HANA Group Reporting solutions.

So, how does JustPerform help in realizing the full potential of SAP Analytics Cloud for Planning?

There are two organizational scenarios that JustPerform deals with, in SAP Analytics Cloud for planning implementation.

  • New Adoption of SAP Analytics Cloud for Planning
  • Migration from SAP BPC to SAP Analytics Cloud for Planning

Let us first understand the first scenario:

New Adoption of SAC for Planning

This scenario involves an organization newly adopting SAP Analytics Cloud for its Enterprise Planning.

In this scenario, JustPerform empowers organizations to define agile and scalable Enterprise Planning processes with readily available business reference models.

As we know, ‘Effective processes backed by appropriate technology drives exceptional performance.’

Hence, JustPerform helps business users to create agile & effective planning processes with Value Driver Trees and Planning InfoblocksTM.

One of the key SAP analytics cloud planning features is the Value Driver Tree. Unlike the usage of Value Driver Tree for pure analysis in SAC, JustPerform uses it in the planning process definition.

The business users can define the relevant organizational metrics and their underlying drivers in JustPerform.  Its’s unique Value Driver Trees and Planning InfoblocksTM helps them in seamlessly defining the drivers. It even automates & digitizes the entire process design, definition and process modelling.

Once the planning process is designed, JustPerform’s autobuild engine automatically deploys it into SAP Analytics Cloud in near real-time.

In the end, JustPerform provides for an agile and seamless financial planning in sap analytics cloud.

Let’s look at the second scenario.

Migration from SAP BPC to SAP Analytics Cloud for Planning

This applies to organizations currently using SAP Business Planning and Consolidation (SAP BPC) application for their Enterprise planning. SAP BPC helps organizations streamline their Planning, Budgeting and Consolidation activities.

Organizations tend to shift their planning processes from SAP BPC to SAC for the following reasons:

  • SAC’s seamless integration with cloud and on-premise data sources
  • Collaborative planning features available in SAP Analytics Cloud and
  • Its Advanced analytics ability.

However, migration of Planning Processes from SAP BPC to SAC may not be seamless. It is time-consuming and involves assessing the existing BPC system.

Migrating the SAP BPC system can take months or even longer depending on the complexity of an existing SAP BPC environment.

Moreover, a mere lift and shift of BPC environment to SAC may not always prove effective. Hence, the BPC environment needs to be assessed, and processes need to be enhanced for better planning in SAC.

So, how does JustPerform help to fuel SAC’s planning capabilities even in this challenging migration scenario?

JustPerform System Discovery

JustPerform addresses these challenges with its unique and automated ‘System Discovery’ capabilities.

JustPerform performs a system discovery on the existing SAP BPC system with its unique ‘One-Click Assessment. ‘ Customers/consultants can now automatically discover the SAP BPC Environment usage based on the digital footprint with few clicks.

JustPerform System Discovery Dashboard

JustPerform System Discovery Dashboard

With the help of JustPerform System Discovery,

  • It is much faster to analyze & prepare the BPC environment for SAC migration
  • There is a means to optimize current BPC system usage by specifying the cut-off dates.
  • The scope for human error can be minimized by relying on an automated approach.
  • Data can be optimized and cleansed before migration.

Through the System Analysis, the unused models, dimensions, properties, input templates, the inactive users can be identified. Users can even complement the System Analysis by providing inputs and validations to the data objects (eg.reports) they are assigned to.

JustPerform’s System Discovery assesses and enhances the planning processes before migrating to SAP Analytics Cloud.

Once the system discovery is performed, the next step is to migrate the optimum planning processes to SAC.

JustPerform’s Autobuild Engine deploys the entire planning processes in SAP BPC to SAP Analytics in near real-time. It’s machine learning algorithms that automate an activity that otherwise requires tedious coding and configurations.

Planning Processes are the real drivers of enterprise performance. So, irrespective of the scenarios mentioned, JustPerform focuses on designing and deploying the agile planning processes to SAC. It thereby boosts the planning capabilities of SAC with optimum processes.

In conclusion, JustPerform paves the way for an automated and most effective approach for SAP Analytics Cloud implementation.  SAP Analytics Cloud is very much the future for companies that are en route of becoming an intelligent enterprise. But JustPerform coupled with SAC can make Enterprises agile with Better, Faster and Smarter Planning.

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