Key Focus Areas of Planning in SAP Analytics Cloud

CS Karthik
August 2, 2020

In BARC’s recent survey on various planning tools available, SAP Analytics Cloud ranked first across various facets of planning. The majority of the peer groups surveyed, rated planning in SAP Analytics cloud as seamless and easy to use.

SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) is a cloud-based solution that can predict future outcomes based on a historical trend. SAP Analytics Cloud is a simple solution that helps in connecting people and the information which helps in taking the confident business decisions. The key components where SAC can be used are Planning, Business Intelligence, and Predictive.

SAP Analytics Cloud for Enterprise Planning

SAP Analyitcs Cloud- Key Capabilities

SAP Analyitcs Cloud- Key Capabilities


Enterprise planning is essential to gauge business performance. The leaders are better equipped to prepare for the future when an organization has a planning process and a strategy to execute. Strategic business planning shapes the company’s focus, uniting everyone to work towards that shared objective.

SAP Analytics Cloud and the Planning Magic

SAP Analytics Cloud improves efficiency and consistency when it comes to making strategies and budgets across various business lines in the enterprise. The actual power of SAC can be seen when it empowers each business field to collaborate in real-time by breaking down data silos, unifying plans, and aligning processes.

Key focus areas of planning in SAP Analytics Cloud


The main element that plays an important role in the success of SAP Analytics Cloud is, it’s a unique offering of Business Intelligence. Where it gives the users the ability to plan and predict in one single cloud solution.

It combines the power of planning with predictive capabilities for a data-driven approach to planning and budgeting.  Predictive Planning in SAP Analytics Cloud is smart, self-service and trusted because of its data-driven approach, automation, and user-friendliness.

Planning Models

Planning Models lays the foundation for quality data exploration in SAP Analytics Cloud. They provide a standard framework for the visualization of data. These planning models give the users, the power to control the data and define the relevant measures and dimensions.

One of the most significant features of the planning models in SAP Analytics Cloud is creating various versions of data. Business users can create different what-if scenarios in private mode without affecting or overwriting public data.

Value Driver Trees

The value driver tree is one of the important SAC features. It is a great analysis tool to create various what-if scenarios in any of the planning models.

Value driver trees allow users to run simulations in one area to see how it is affecting or influencing others. In other words, the user can easily identify the total outcome of a model by changing a single metric using the value driver tree.

The value driver tree in SAP Analytics Cloud typically is made up of 4 nodes namely data source nodes, YOY, Union nodes, simple calculation nodes. All these nodes put together to provide a simplified user experience in analyzing different what-if simulations.


Visualization coupled with planning and analytics capabilities can lead to insight-based decision making. Stories are the perfect tools that add visualization capabilities to SAP Analytics Cloud. They are the drivers of data exploration and visualization for seamless reporting and analysis in SAC.

Stories help users build various data visualization tools like charts, tables, and graphs. They help top management to easily analyze and identify key influencers of their budgets and forecasts.

These are the major focus areas organizations need to look at while adopting SAC for enterprise planning.

Seamless integrations and live data connections to SAP BW live system, SAP HANA, and SAP ECC along with collaboration across the users make SAP Analytics Cloud one of the top software for Enterprise planning and analytics.

Read more on how JustPerform simplifies SAP Analytics Cloud for Enterprise Planning adoptions.


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