Collaborative Enterprise Planning in SAP Analytics Cloud with JustPerform

Date: December 20, 2020

A shift from data-driven decision making to insights-based decision making is a prerequisite to succeed in this rapidly evolving business landscape. SAP Analytics Cloud for Planning, a visionary in the Gartner Magic Quadrant, is a single tool for collaborative enterprise planning that helps you achieve this much-needed shift. However, the success of Enterprise planning in SAP Analytics Cloud depends on the efficiency and effectiveness of the planning processes deployed. 

This webinar will focus on discussing collaborative enterprise planning in SAP Analytics Cloud using the Golden Circle approach for Planning. It will also highlight how JustPerform, a process definition platform from Red Apricot, helps define effective planning processes and seamlessly deploys them into SAP Analytics Cloud.

Key Topics: 

  • Importance of Planning Fundamentals  Metrics & Measures  
  • Collaborative Enterprise Planning with SAP Analytics Cloud 
  • Key functionalities & Benefits of Planning in SAP Analytics Cloud 
  • JustPerform: Visual Planning Process & Value Driver Trees  
  • JustPerform: DriversMetrics Measures Definition 
  • JustPerformAutobuild for Seamless Deployment to SAP Analytics Cloud 

Featured Speakers:

Kranthi Kumar
Chief Innovation Officer 

Anil Kumar 
JustPerform – Product Management


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